Carol Christie

SONY DSCCarol Christie was born in Englehart, Ontario Canada, but raised in Owen Sound, a small city on Georgian Bay, about 250 miles south.

In her mid-teens, she was forced into the Church of Jesus Christ (Restored) by a manipulative and domineering mother. The sect was a fundamentalist offshoot of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which broke away from mainstream Mormonism in the mid 1960’s. One of the basic doctrines which the new group re-embraced was the belief in polygamy.

She spent over forty years in the Cult and endured physical, mental and emotional abuse throughout those years.  She provided two sons to the original Prophet and was eventually “transferred” against her will to the second Prophet and because of her resistance was placed under house arrest and confinement for nearly eight years.

Fearing for her life after yet another savage beating, Carol finally and quickly escaped the Cult in March, 2008 and managed to convince her oldest son to escape with her. She stepped out into a new and foreign world, one which she had been brainwashed into believing was a dark and evil place which would destroy her. She has found the opposite, and many times the kindness of strangers has amazed her.

Having secured two jobs and settling into a happier life, Carol met John Christie six months after her escape. The two have been married since October, 2009, and they now spend their time trying to make a difference on the issue of polygamy in society.

Carol Christie Book Cover - PropertyTheir book, “Property, The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife” (Dundurn, 2013) is intended to bring increased awareness of polygamy as the global seeping scourge they believe it to be.

Carol and John live in Owen Sound, Ontario Canada.


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