Lori Hodgson

Lori Hodgson PicLori Hodgson joined Scientology in 1976 at the tender age of only 13. She raised both her children in the Scientology community thinking she was providing a safe environment for her children to grow and thrive in.

But her faith was shaken after observing first hand the manipulation and deception the church used to recruit her 2 impressionable teenage children to quit school and work for the church full time, both at the age of only 15.  Lori was against it from the beginning, but was fighting a small army of enforcers.

Lori had had enough and resigned from the church in 2010. She spoke out about what she observed and her children were manipulated by the church and their father (Lori’s ex-husband) into disconnecting from her.

Lori’s children disconnected from her in February 2011. Since then Lori has been educating herself about cults, shunning, mind control and religious abuse and is doing all that she can to speak out and tell her story in hopes that it will reunite her family and help others in their fight to re-connect with their families.

Lori can be reached by e-mail at PeaandPod63@aol.com


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