The Editor

Janette Allen moved to a small town north of Houston in the early 80’s at the age of 12, it was a welcomed move from the bitter winters of Detroit.  She was 3rd oldest in a large family of eight children. Not a very religious family but rather a bit on the dysfunctional side, moving around a lot and just overall not a very stable home life. At 19, just after high school she took a road trip to Florida with her grandma to visit her Uncle.

Finding a job and an instant “family” within the small community of Scientology and living on or near the ocean, Clearwater, Fl felt like home.  Meeting her husband, raising a family and having businesses in this small community only made it harder to leave once she finally realized the deception and manipulation going on behind church doors, all in the name of religion and help.

Once Janette and her family decided to leave and the church got wind of it they were met with an instant assault by their friends, co-workers, employers and church and ultimately shunned by most of them and even some family members.

Janette spends her time enjoying her family, friends and the great outdoors and in her spare time she  helps educate others online about Religious abuses and now in this Religious Shunning Anthology.

Janette is a new writer, and Religious Shunning: The Secret Struggles of Families Torn Apart Over Religious Doctrine is her second book.

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